Sunday, August 6, 2017

experience | marco creative cruisine (1Utama, PJ)

formerly known as Franco or Miam Miam.

Their jellyfish display is eye-catching but it's their interior which made me walk in. Exploiting animals to seem more sophisticated is sad at best but jellyfish are practically plants, with no conscious mind or awareness of self so it can't be considered animal cruelty. I googled to be sure. And I did not have the willpower to disregard the plush Tiffany blue decor!

There are only two types of girls, suckers for Tiffany blue or pink and I happen to have a weakness for both. Anyway, their dining style is a little different - with a preset menu which you can customize slightly. Here's what I mean:

At RM78 a pop, you definitely get your money's worth.

They start you off with a lime shooter which is very sour, but what better way to reset your tastebuds, hey? They follow it up with a beautiful savory eclair.

I marveled at it for a bit before biting down on the caviar, tomato confit, baby leave and pesto. The aroma of the pastry and the flavors from the topping is nothing short of magnifique!

Next up, we each had one of the soups available.

I thought I would be adventurous and try the Strawberry Gazpacho but I should have just gone with the mushroom soup drizzled with truffle oil. It is amazing! Whereas my pink concoction was pushed aside. It is sour and not very appetizing, so if you're hoping for something hearty, order the mushroom option instead.

Still feeling a little daring, I went with the savory ice cream salad - only because I wondered how ice cream could be savory and not sweet. If you're hoping to keep your curious cat alive, I suggest being patient as the ice cream will be served with dessert. However, I was quite fond of the salad as it was not your boring run-of-the-mill garden salad. They are served with edible flowers too!

Moving on to the main course, he got the Chicken Roulade with Brussels Sprout and I discovered my love for those greens hated by children all over the world. It is delicious! Sadly, I couldn't say the same for the chicken. It seemed a little on the undercooked side, tender though it may be...

But I shudder at what Gordon Ramsay might have said.

My pasta though, was perfection!

If I dream of food, this would be the star. The veggies were cooked just right, the seasoning complementing instead of overpowering and the pasta... Do not get me started on the pasta! It is not al dente because who in their right mind likes pasta lined with plastic? No, this pasta is cooked through but NOT to the point it melts in your mouth.

Lemme try again: imagine placing a firm penne in your mouth and when you chew down on it, the pasta breaks apart with enough force to slide off your teeth. God, that is how pasta in heaven (and I'm assuming, Italy) tastes. It is how it should taste. Get your fucking al dente shit away from me.

I will come back for you.

Now, I obviously didn't think there'd be anything to top the awesome main I just had but out came dessert.

This is just a normal cake. Nothing to shout about. But my creme brulee?

This gem right here? I have never had anything as smooth and rich and creamy. I would slide it down my through but that would be a waste so I savor every single bite till I'm exploding with food. And it was worth it.

If you're in One Utama, Kuala Lumpur... Do not miss this experience. It is probably the best fine dining experience I've had in Malaysia.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

you know...

I used to blog about every negative thing that happened to me. I would rant and let it all out thinking that by doing so, I'd feel better. And I do. But every time I see the post again, all I feel is a tight shame in my chest and a reminder of how upset I was when I wrote it. So I stopped.

Why bother capturing all that anger, when the best thing is to let it go?

I realized that if you set out to do something in order to send a message to someone - it makes you petty, it makes you small. And anger, anger is stupid. It is childish. Once you learn to see from different perspectives, you'll realize it is often ill-earned. You're angry because someone did something you didn't want or like, but should someone else's actions be the reason you lost your temper? Patience is a virtue, and patience is not just about waiting minutes or hours. Patience is understanding, patience is a kindness.

And you have to understand, the thing is your word cannot change anyone who doesn't want to.

I've been re-reading Animorphs and a quote jumped out at me: a fool is strong so that others will see, a wise person is strong for himself (book #23).

It hit me quite hard because just the day before, I was telling my friend about how I tried so hard to pretend like I wasn't afraid of heights just because I wanted to look brave. So I stood on a glass balcony at the roof of a hotel to prove I was unafraid. The truth is, partially, I believed that fear is nothing but a limitation on ourselves. I should have wanted to overcome it because of that, and only that, rather than showing off.

We do that a lot, don't we? Especially in the age of social media and connectivity. We post about our adventures, our conquests and materialism. Who are we trying to convince? But that's a story for another day.

Today it's about peace and love. If you can't love others, at least, love yourself.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Why People Don't Like You

I'm not going to lie, I don't understand how it feels to be bullied - not because I've never been picked on or laughed at and embarrassed. But because I never let it get to me, I don't let myself become a victim. I jibe back, laugh louder or pretend like it doesn't matter and trust me. After a while, it stops being important.

This is not an article belittling bullying. I understand that it can be tough when bullies cross over from being mean and hurting your feelings to downright evil and hurting you physically. It is my own opinion that emotional bullying builds character, but it is never right.

Now, when I was in primary school, I felt ostracized at times but come middle school, I became more popular. And I don't know about Western culture and the kinds of bullies they develop, but in my private Chinese school, bullies are just looking for a little fun. I know because I was one. If someone is disliked, you can be sure they'd find bugs in their bags, poop in their pockets or their desks destroyed. I'm not proud for what I did, but I'd say they deserved it. One for being a snitch, one for being a bitch and the poop was a joke.

There's a fine line for us, between doing something out of malice and doing something out of friendship and you'd be surprise how frequent the two coincide. If you're not egged on your birthday or doused in water, you are not popular. If you haven't been thrust against a pole or pillar by a group of people, you are not cool. If you haven't gotten jelly or gum stuck on your shirt or hair, you probably don't have any friends. And this post is to tell you WHY.

You're too much. And you don't know how to stop. You not only persist, but you pester and you go on and on. Do you want to go out for lunch? Some other time? How about tomorrow? Or tonight? We can do dinner. Oh, still busy? Hmmm... And not five minutes later you're down the same guy's throat about how yall should invite so and so. Woah, slow down there you eager beaver! Everything in moderation, learn how to hold back. People might say they like sincerity and want to know the real you, but nobody's ever ready for the candidly raw. If you suspect that you're being over the top, chances are you have been for the last 10 or 15 minutes or so. People will respond at first but over time, they'll start to give you the cold shoulder.

Go doesn't flow. If you're insistent on having a stick up your ass, soon, people are going to get real sick of you. It's not that you're not allowed to have your own preferences or comfort zones... But if you don't live a little, you're just gonna be stuck in a rut and that rut is a lonely little foxhole you dug yourself. You could learn from ringleaders, whom I've noticed knows how to say what. They make you feel like you've been heard, and somehow make their idea feel like your own. How many times have I been talked into doing something incredibly stupid is embarrassing. On one hand, it's their powers of persuasion and on the other, I just went with the flow. You want me in that baby chair? Done.

Serious is your middle name. Honestly, there's nothing that says "target" to bullies more than a serious person who takes him/herself way too seriously. Life is either a tragedy or a joke so if you don't have a sense of humor, you're gonna get tired AF. Worse, if you are pompous about it and can't unglue yourself from that high horse you're judging everyone from. You might try to act above it all, but we know that you're not fooling anyone.

"Candid" doesn't equal "Offensive".  How is it possible to mistake the two? Well, most people feel like in order to be real, they have to give their most uncensored thoughts. The truth is, people are not very nice and so, neither are what we think. But it's completely possible to be honest without being a complete dick about it. So watch out, while you're busy being as honest as you can be, you're not just making enemies but you're hurting lots of feelings.

You try to make cool happen. Sorry to burst your bubble but you can't. You either are, or you're not. And mostly, people are cool when they are just doing their own thing and being themselves. You can be cool if you're completely a geek or whatever, but not if you are doing it just so it will score you points.

If it's too hard to take in, just remember this quote when you find yourself in any kind of social situation: People will forget what you say or do but people never forget the way you make them feel.

So if you're going to make them feel bad about themselves and rain on everyone's parade, who also tries way too hard, making everyone uncomfortable and awkward... Guess who's not getting invited to the next party in town?

(If you don't know the answer, clearly I've just written a piece of trash.)

Monday, May 15, 2017

Tony Roma's Set Lunches (Vivacity, Kuching)

Updated 22/5: I FOUND MY SD CARD! Pictures updated :D 

Tony Roma's has become synonymous with "expensive". Try it, bring it up with your friends and see how they react. 10/10 will agree with my first sentence. But that's not true. They now have affordable lunches starting from RM20.03, served with a drink and soup.

We started off with a Baked Potato Soup and a Chicken Vegetable Soup. The first tasted oddly like a creamy and thick mushroomy soup, with all the flavors of one. The only difference is, it's a lot more filling and congealed. I much preferred the second one which was lighter and perfect on a rainy day. A hearty soup with celery, carrot and onions.

The popiah skin gives this salad a nice proper crunch that goes superbly with fresh lettuce and other salad greens. Just as good as my first visit. At least you can be assured that when you dine at Tony Roma's, quality control is guaranteed!

Was a little disappointed with this as it looked better than it tasted and it felt like something was missing but if you like your pasta with fresh shrimp, tomatoes and basil, you can definitely give this a go! I guess I like my pasta with a more savoury kick!

It's pretty generic, it's like the very definition of a burger but nothing to scream or shout about. If you're craving for a burger and you just want one that hits the spot with nothing more and nothing less, you're looking at it!

The BBQ Quarter Chicken has an interesting blend of smokiness and tangy flavouring and it will really get your tastebuds going wow! The texture is denser than normal but it's not too dry.

The Roasted Chicken is less interesting than the one above but no less yummy. If you're looking for something which has Tony Roma's signature smokey taste but without the tang: This is it!

There's bound to be something there for everyone. As for me, I can't wait to try their strawberry walnut salad. What's your favourite thing off their menu though?

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Review: Guardians of the Galaxy 2

I caught this on the premiere but it left with me so much feels, I knew I couldn't blog about it without spoiling this great movie. I had to rewatch the first one to calm myself down. And you'd know why, if you've seen it. If not then don't go past this line. Click the little X now. If you haven't seen it and you're still reading, you're stupid you little rebel.

Yondu dies.

See, you've gone and done it. Spoilt the movie for yourself. But before he died, he made "daddy" okay again and I love him so much more for it. C'mon, it was freaking obvious from the first movie that Yondu loved Starlord like his own. All those evasiveness about why he kept him in first place, their bickering and his defiance at keeping Peter alive. Peter, who has to be the thickest hero on the block. Idiot little boy.

I was completely absorbed by his daddy issues, Nebula's obvious sister issues and Groot's cuteness, there really wasn't much left for anything else. It was about the same tired old thing anyway, bad guy wants to take over the world (or maybe in this case - a universe) and the good crew has to clean it all up while going on an adventure of self discovery. But with a cute little tagalong that isn't just a pretty face!

Yes, it took me 2 weeks to get that out. The OST was just as good as the first one though.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

3 InSTARgrammers Every Girl Should Follow

Every time people talk about their favourite IGers, I never fail to mention these three people who inspire me and I hope they do the same for you too.

Plaaastic is a proud Vietnamese, known affectionately as GG. She's someone that life hasn't been kind to. I feel uncomfortable divulging her story as I'm neither friend nor family but in a nutshell, she's been through way too much than a 22 year old should have had to. But that's just me, who has only ever lived a comfortable life. I love her for her honesty, courage and eye for otherworldly aesthetic. She makes me want to wear my heart on my sleeve and platforms 10 miles high, runaway into a sea of strangers with nothing but the clothes on my back and a camera. She's not everyone's cup of tea, but she is so much more than just leaf water to me. 

My cousin Val from Big Picture Stuff introduced her to me and first I fell in love with her photography, her passion and then her words. There's magic in this young Australian mama because there must be a secret to how she captures moments so candidly and raw. I suppose art is a reflection of who you are and she's got a wild gypsy heart so it shows. Nirrimi taught me that the road can be home, unconventional can be natural, you don't have to follow rules - just your heart. She inspires me to open mine, to love freely and fiercely, but most importantly: to be kinder to myself.

When I first discovered her, all I could think was hair. I've been growing mine out for years but I keep losing sight of my goals. Looking at her pictures remind me what I love about long hair. It is so romantic and feminine. But over time, I can't help but feel like she really is a real life princess straight out of Disneyland! Always ready to put a positive spin on anything. Reading her captions make me warm inside and she really brightens up my feed. And even though she has some French in her, she never tries to pass off as Eurasian but identifies fully as Vietnamese and I love her for that. 

These girls are so much more than just another pretty face to me. I admire them for their strength, their heart and their sincerity. If you follow any girls who are an inspiration to you, I hope you share her.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

#MeetUpKch 3.0

Every day we complain that there's nothing to do in Kuching. How it's so boring here  So every year, the whole of Kuching gathers. This year's going to be on the 29th & 30th of July at Le Park Civic Center.

The funny thing about Kuchingites is that we'll whine about the lack of music scene or any kind of art but we'll turn our back on local artists at a drop of a hat. It's like we don't understand that to have a scene, we need local talent. If we don't start supporting those around us, we're never gonna build anything up. So come through to that annual battle of the bands!

Even if music is not your thing, there's gonna be a street dance competition, futsal tournaments, markets and you can check out the full list of activities here:

If you don't see something you're interested in, dial those digits. Make it happen.

Friday, April 21, 2017

1-Click: Bueno Aires

Imagine finding a new country in your mailbox every day. I'm not joking. The Discoverer is an e-mag filled with travel tips delivered straight to your inbox. It is the ultimate subscription for wanderlusts.

They haven't launched yet, but will soon and before they do, they wanna kick it off by sending you to Bueno Aires. All you gotta do is click:

Saturday, April 1, 2017


Sometimes I feel like I am bursting with words. Other times I can't find one to say. Times like these, there is so much I don't know where to begin.

Suppose I should start with how I feel right now. Oh I have missed turning my phone to airplane mode at night before bed, but working in the entertainment and news industry did not allow for that. You had to be reachable at all times, it was part of your job. Inebriated or fatigued, all it takes is one call and you are sober, awake and ready. Forever at attention.

But maybe I prefer working my way, at my own pace. Not at 8AM every day like clockwork, but only to meet a daily deadline.

I do that now with ease. Disappearing into myself, not awaiting beck or call. Relieved of my position as a radio announcer, I was honestly surprised to find passion and new goals. But having been caged for so long, I have come to disdain commitment. It is not something to be proud of, much more to be feared but I force myself still to accept work two or three months in advance at most. Though I leave myself a little way out: if I crave escape, I needn't wait long.

How many times have plans fallen through because of some prior agreement, or responsibility which was yours alone to bear? I find myself severing ties and replacing them with placeholders, making plans for those I cannot. So in the event I vanish, everything will resume as normal. The world continues to spin.

I cannot begin to imagine how many people feel like escaping somewhere far-off and foreign to start anew right this instant. How could it be so shocking when we live in a society that forces our hand and crushes life out of routine and stability. Everyone will crack one day or another, it just depends what you choose when you finally do.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

extinction = evolution

A colleague of mine once made the unfortunate mistake of asking me what I want to do with my life. It was something I have been asking myself, sometimes I wonder why I chose entertainment when what I wanted at 12 was to become a wildlife veterinarian or a wildlife conservationist. Along the years, I managed to convince myself that a voice would be more efficient. Now I see I should have gone into politics instead. I wanted to make a difference, like many others, I wanted to save the world.

But then I discovered long ago that no matter how much you do, it never matters. Not because I am one in billions, not because my actions don't count, not because I can't make a difference, no.

Change your perception and the world changes with you.

We know that we are killing the earth, it is the only planet we have, so we fight - not for its survival but because ours is dependent on it. But the thing is, it shouldn't be so hard if we truly treasured life. Shouldn't self-preservation come naturally?

I remember going to the Melbourne Zoo and getting up close and personal with their national treasure: koalas. And then I realized that it is one of the most inefficient creatures at surviving (as is many endangered animals) and should have died out years ago because evolution clearly forgot all about them! The plants they eat are poisonous, which is why when they are born, they have to eat their mother's poop in order to obtain the bacteria that breaks down the poison in the only food they can digest. They are a waste of space and resources due to the fact that they are considered cute.

Conservatories of endangered animals stems from the guilt that we are upsetting the natural balance. Animals go extinct every single day with or without us speeding it along so which animals are supposed to go and which aren't?

It's hard to deny that the world is self sustaining. It went from the home of dinosaurs to homo sapiens, despite being rocked with natural disasters both domestic and from outer space. Perhaps because of that. A rock changed the game by killing of the dinosaurs and giving us a chance. And by the time we are done murdering our planet, we would either die or adapt but the world would survive for some other improved species. Maybe that's how it's supposed to be, life comes and goes, and we're the only ones dying to hold on.

Perhaps by fighting for the wrong ones, we are slowing down this chain reaction and holding nature back, forgetting that no species are meant to last, not in a world of constant change.

At least this is what I tell myself when I try to guilt myself into not living my dreams of saving the world. It's pointless either way.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Chinese New Year has come and gone but this time, I have something like a vlog to show for it. So this is how we celebrate a Chinese tradition.

Staying up late and stuffing ourselves silly. The days that used to seem so short are long now, with the first day feeling like the third. We're not as young as we used to be but we try. Ignore the ache in our shoulders, eyes itching for sleep and spirit unwilling to be broken. Yes, we try.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What Women Want

When I got the invitation from Granary to sip cocktails and chat, all I could think about was, I hope they have mimosas.

Because aren't we taught to want the superfluous and shallow? It's bags before businesses, children not careers, diamonds for your dreams. Get a higher education, excel in an extracurricular, check all the boxes and have a good marriage, for only a lady may have a gentleman.

Personally, I'm not a career type. It's a ladder I have no interest in climbing. I would have been content being the perfect wife or out exploring the world, living wild and free. But women have been trying to liberate one another, fighting under the colors of feminism. They whisper ideas into the heads of other girls: You are more than this! Don't reduce yourself to a shell. The world is as much yours as it belongs to men. 

But sometimes, this is all we ever want.

Not having world-changing ambitions does not make you less of a woman and you don't need power to be confident.

What anyone ever wants is a choice.

Other women might want more, and there's nothing wrong with that. They want to stand beside men and carry the same load? Respect. But shouldn't the same respect be extended to housewives or girls who want nothing more? I have always believed that men are naturally more adept at certain things and women at others.

There is a quote that comes to mind every time someone tells me about rights: Women weren't created to do what men can do, they were created to do what men can't.

At first glance it seems almost to put women on a pedestal, that only these beautiful creatures are able to accomplish what mankind cannot. But flip it around and you realize that it is neither complimentary nor words to live by for the same can be said about men: Men weren't created to do what women can do, they were created to do what women can't. Aside from inciting wrath, just imagine the humiliation stay-at-home dads are forced to feel, or any man who is in a 'feminine' position at work because of what that simple sentence conveys.

Not having world-changing ambitions does not make you less of a man and you don't need power to be confident.

But women, we don't need to carry a 50KG burden when our bodies are more comfortable with 20. If you're going to sprout nonsense about how women should have equal pay and the right to vote, it is not the middle ages anymore. Women are now running for elections and whether you are male or female, as long as you've got what it takes - you will come out on top.

Take this video for instance.

In a time where feminism was unheard of, when women didn't need to hold rallies to exert control. Just be and you are. If you're not going to stand up for yourself, don't wait for someone else to. Feminism is a line blurred between equal opportunities and being opportunistic. Perhaps I am lacking in my understanding of what it stands for, but I see it as an inch for a mile and in a way, being oppressive to the very gender they are trying to free.

I guess we'll find out what the rest have to say this weekend at the Granary. And don't be afraid to leave what you feel in the comments. Always happy to hear a different perspective. If you think I'm horribly misinformed please, tell me.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

TANK live in KCH

When I listen to Chinese songs, people always feel the need to comment on how outdated it is. But I won't have it any other way. These songs hold memories and feelings of carefree school days.

This was one of the most overplayed songs back in '06 and it really sends you back to that time and place. And you probably never thought you'd get to hear it live, but it's happening!

This 18th of March, 8PM at Christian Ecumenical Worship Centre, you can catch Tank performing his biggest hits. Get your tickets by clicking the poster below!

The brains behind this showcase: Sky Wings Event, are planning to invite even more artists and talents to Kuching in the future so make sure you support em and like their FB page! Catch you when the nostalgia hits! ;)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


hen·peckverb past tense: henpecked; past participle: henpecked 
(of a woman) continually criticize and give orders to (her husband or other male partner).
"henpecked husbands" 
synonyms: browbeaten, downtrodden, bullied, dominated, subjugated, oppressed, intimidated; meek, timid, cringing, long-suffering; informal under someone's thumb
"the prosecution characterized him as a henpecked husband who finally snapped"
antonyms: domineering
When I see a boy or girl bending their girl/boyfriend's will to theirs, my teeth grit, my fists clench and I have to shut my eyes. That is not love.

No self-respecting lady would want have a henpecked man by her side because no self-respecting man would allow himself to be henpecked. Immaturity will make her demand for her man put her needs above his own and choose her over his friends, but as she matures, she'll learn the implications of a whipped guy. It means he is weak, unbecoming and worst of all, undependable. And we're all about security.

If a guy looks like he is too afraid to do anything but listen to his girlfriend like a well trained dog, not only does he make himself look bad - he makes his girl look like some kind of overbearing control freak. Perhaps someone out there might feel it is sweet because that means he cares so much he only thinks about her but, that is incredibly unrealistic and corny. Also, see second paragraph.

Have a spine, your own perspective and be your own person. Love will encompass your flaws, you don't have to hide them under an armor of fear. That is the best part about it. Love. You should be able to show your true colors and be loved just the same. When you are in a relationship, you must also learn to protect one another. Reputation and image reflects off the other.

The opposite is true as well - for a girl to be oppressed by her significant other only shines a negative light on her oppressor. Nobody should ever have control over another human being. So stand up and be brave.

I might be biased, but, aren't we all? Wishing you a happy and hopefully, life-changing Valentines all the way from Tokyo! Follow me on @veyroniqa for more updates :D

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Review: Dogan Food Court (Jalan Batu Kawah, Kuching)

There's a new food court in town and it's right behind Big Mouth on the way to MJC.

My favorite pizza has a stall there so you definitely need to give it a go.

PIZZA TALK! I previously blogged about them when I first discovered them at Da Light where they were known as Tom's Pizza. I'm glad of the change of names cos I always have to clarify which Toms I'm talking about and now I don't.

I had black bean soup with rice. It was decent but nothing mindblowing. My boyfriend got their curry instead and it was not the kind I like. It was just so-so, I wouldn't go there for curry is all I'm saying.

Oh but there's a stall selling dumplings and it was so good. I hate people who overstuff or basically have shitty skin. This was smooth and very agreeable in my mouth.

According to their FB page:
Open every day from 6:30AM - 12AM

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Review: The Pallets (Jalan Mendu, Kuching)

A newly opened Western & Malaysian Restaurant at a carwash most Kuchingites refer to as Lucky Number.

You can find an assortment of pastas, steaks and also local favorites on the menu and I have to say, I loved the mushroom soup!

It's not overly sticky or runny, but milky and tasty instead. Very different from anything I've ever tasted in Kuching. The garlic bread that came with was so good I was tempted to order a basket but refrained as my waistline has been expanding and we ordered mains.

Mine is a beef burger with unsalted fries and a salad. Honestly though, if I'm paying more than RM5 for a burger, I expect high quality ingredients. What I got was a fattened Ramlee burger, drowned in cheap chili sauce with two slices of cucumber and cheese. The buns were the sweet roadside stall kinds rather than quality fluffy white buns.

My boyfriend ordered a chicken chop and it tasted like it was marinated with maggi sauce and some white pepper. Although he went for the mushroom sauce, what arrived tasted suspiciously like black pepper. It came with a salad, fries and two hotdogs. The kind that not even kids would eat.

Honestly, I would return but only for the mushroom soup which I highly recommend. Other than that, good luck.