Monday, November 20, 2017

ITINERARY | Kch foodie's Sibu roadtrip [2D1N]

We took a roadtrip over the weekend from Kuching to Sibu for some food and I thought I'd share what I always go back for.

Depart Kuching at 7AM, have some famous 17 mile chai kueh and make way to Sarikei in time for lunch!

Glory Cafe (Rong Guan Cha Shi) or just watch out for a huge coconut pudding banner.
Must try: Zhao Chai Fen Gan with Shao Rou + Coconut Pudding

Then, if you still have room for some dessert or a snack, you can try the roti bakar at Aik Seng. Apparently, Kuchingites travel there to have their Sardine Special but we just stuck with the classic kaya and butter.

Moving on to Sibu, about an hour's drive. Rest up and head out for Pelicana (THEY ARE OPENING A BRANCH IN SIBU WEI I AM SO HAPPY) and order their original chicken + rice! Otherwise, if you're there during the weekend like us... We hope you're hungry, cos the market awaits with all these...

photo cred // ida tang
The thing in the metal plate is a MUST TRY. I have it every year.

Now it's time to chill for a little bit. Head over to Eiffel Bar for some draught 1664 Blanc before turning in.

If you are an extreme foodie like us, set your alarm for 3AM because you're about to go on a kampua experience!

Feng Sheng Cafe on Jalan Tiong Hua
Must try: Black Kampua!

If you get the chance to order Liver Soup, do it! It was sold out when we got there just before 4AM!

At this point, you might be thinking to yourself, since I'm up I might as well head back to Kuching, right? NO.

Go back, catch up on your ZZZs because there's more food for you later in the morning! We woke up around 10AM, because it's still Sunday and Sundays are made for sleeping in. Check out, and let's get going to the last few stops before going home!

Chop Hing Huong 
Must try: Ding Bian Hu

Xiu Long Confectionery
Must try: Ji Dan Gao

Kedai Kopi Cinta Sayang 
Must try: Dry Black Kiaw (also known as Pian Nuek in Foochow)

I call these three the holy trinity cos they are literally a triangle of good food. You'll know what I mean once you see it. Now it's time to bring some goodies back.

There are three stores. I'll list them in order of preference. If you're pressed for time, 1 & 3 are nearer to each other.

1. Tiang Chuon 
2. Sheng Kee 63 Confectionery 
3. Meng Sheng Kee Confectionery 

Once you've got all the kuih kuihs you want (the most popular ones are called "Ju Nong Piang") and the home made instant kampuas, you're ready to leave!

Btw, there is a duck noodle place in Lanchau that most people like to stop at but since I hate duck, we skipped it.

If you need some visual aid, keep your eyes peeled for my youtube video or like my facebook page to stay updated! Let me know if you have any favorites in the comments <3

Monday, October 9, 2017

Become an entrepreneur with Shopee | #ShopeeDayOut

Who doesn't want to make close to RM1 million from their side hustle? With Shopee, you can. A mother won Seller of the Year award by selling baby products and she made her first million in less than two years.

Shopee is dedicated to shaping Malaysians who are passionate about succeeding in their businesses and who have the drive to see it through, into business professionals.

This year, they organized the first East Malaysia Entrepreneur Challenge, where Janet Wong (Shopee ID: Rejoice 123) bagged the first prize of RM3000 for her Home & Living specialty online store. She was hand picked out of 60 participants who have attended Shopee University - a free entrepreneurial workshop that helps sellers set up their online businesses. If you too would like to dip your hand into the honey jar, you should get the app so you don't miss out on anything!

During Shopee's Day Out Carnival last weekend in Kuching where they also presented RM1500 to Nur Farhidda Asmadi (Shopee ID: Nurfa247) who placed second in the challenge and RM500 to Judy Hii (Shopee ID: Little Hut) who was the final runner up. I also learnt that Shopee has FREE shipping. That's heaven to online shopping enthusiasts because there's nothing worse than adding all kinds of things to your cart only to realize it isn't worth it after you add postage 

The carnival included fun and games for all Shopeeholics present. I had fun there with a couple of my babes. We tried our hand at shooting and guess who killed it?

There were lucky draws and other mini contests such as the kite decorating one, but we decided to pass it on as we aren't particularly artistically inclined. We ended the day at Favour by Happy because they had delicious mini Watermelon Strawberry Cakes and we are in love with them!

Monday, September 4, 2017

you me + the highway

Tonight we are lost and camped by a beach where he is doing his assignment and I'm writing. That's what I do, that's what I wish I could always do. Write and write and write. Stories, poems, letters and heartfelt blogs. I wish I could type money out the same way.

One of my first ambitions was to be a writer but I wrote it off because I knew who I was. I could not put enough thought together to see a story through. I have so many unfinished ideas and scrapped plots. I never knew how to end them. But with age comes experience, and with experience comes skill. I have learnt to plan, to go from point A to Z. Laboriously, of course, because nothing worthy ever comes easy.

Of course, getting publish will not be some small feat either. And maybe that's why I've never pursued it. I know that's why he pushes me to go into journalism instead. He calls my writing a talent. It is far more validation than I've ever received from him.

Who would have known that something as stressful as a roadtrip will bring us closer together? I had expected fights at every turn (literally) about my poor navigational skills and exasperation when things don't go according to plan. But it has shown me how much teamwork and patience we have, enduring every hiccup and devising new solutions together. And that is both exciting and comforting to me, knowing that we are able to work hand in hand without driving the other mad.

When morning comes, we'll skip down to the beach and enjoy the clear waters, the peace, the beauty.

Then we will say a silent goodbye before hitting the roads once more.

I have always loved roadtrips but now I think I'm obsessed with them. I want to move away, buy a van and make it a home.

Sunday, September 3, 2017


We went back to old haunts and favorites. Eating up a storm, reminiscing and funnily enough, feeling like we're home. Already I regret not taking more pictures because I know I will forget and I don't want to lose all these emotions.

All I remember of Melbourne was an aching heart, wanting to go back to Kuching. But those were the intense first few months, by the time the second year rolled around I had grown up a little more, began to appreciate Australia a little better but it was over too soon and before the year was up, I was back in Malaysia, wrapped up in my bubble of comfort and friends.

I was falling in love with this place and never even knew it until now that I'm back. When the bus driver sent us to Southern Cross and said welcome home, it warmed my soul in a way I didn't expect.

I ran back to Glenferrie and swung by the deli by Woolsworth, eager to buy my beloved spinach pie and baguette but the store was emptier than I remembered but it's also later than when I'd usually drop by. I told the storekeeper and baguette man I used to study nearby but I'm back, specially for some pie. He knew instantly the pie I was talking about.

It was made by his wife.

The love he has for her made me emotional. He talked about how everyone says that pie was their favorite. He showed me pictures of her when she was working at the store. He told me how grand her funeral was. I wanted to give him a hug but we both stood on wrong sides of the counter. I felt horrible for bringing it up but I stopped.

Because isn't it better to be reminded of how adored your lost love was, rather than to see her forgotten in a time and place nobody else remembers? I'd like to think so. I would hate for someone I love to disappear into nothingness just because someone was afraid I would be sad by mentioning them.

If one day someone I care deeply about leaves me for the pearly gates, don't say sorry. It is a word devoid of comfort. Tell me how they touched your life, tell me about the good times, the bad. Because no matter where they go or how long they are gone, I'll never stop wanting to know more about them and having extra to love.

I will be back, Melbourne. I will come home for good, one day.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Nephos Aesthetic

I was invited to try out hair removal at a new beauty clinic near Simpang Tiga roundabout. It's along the stretch from Vivacity toward the roundabout. To be honest, I was one part scared and two parts happy because I can now say bye bye to endless plucking and chicken skin!

Turns out I had nothing to worry about, they were all very professional and one of the nurses who saw how terrified I was, even patted me and reassured me, telling me what's happening because I couldn't see.

They give you these glasses to put on so the light from the laser doesn't harm your eyes but let me tell you how scary it is to have your sight taken away just as you're about to experience something new. Terrifying.

That's the view from the bed. Before you go, make sure you do not remove any hair prior to your appointment otherwise the treatment will not be effective. I let it grow till they had to use that men's shaver on me lol.

Anyway, it's been a month plus, and what I can say is... I haven't plucked since the laser treatment. Firstly because you are NOT supposed to pluck, as this will aggravate your pores and your hair will go back to normal thickness. And secondly, because my underarm fur turned into fuzz. Like, I didn't even realize there was hair till I squished my face close to a mirror and concentrated.

I thought that I'd have to go a fair few times before I saw the results but I've only been there once and I'm freaking out! Try it for yourself. They have a RM58 first trial promo right now so book an appointment today for smooth underarms. No one can make fun of your prickly armpits again, and you never have to be embarrassed about putting your hands up in the air.
Click for Nephos Aesthetic Official Facebook Page :D